Care and maintenance


For a long-lasting finish, periodically clean and wax the exterior surface with spray-on car wax. Touch up scratches as soon as you notice them by immediately cleaning the area with a wire brush or emery paper, washing it and applying touch-up paint.


Keep the roof clear of leaves and snow with a long-handled, soft-bristled broom. Heavy amounts of snow on the roof can damage the building making it unsafe to enter. In regions where snow is heavy, our roof strengthening kit should be added for protection against heavy snow accumulation. Our roof strengthening kits fit most Arrow buildings and can be installed on new or existing buildings.


Always keep the door tracks clear of dirt and other debris that can prevent the doors from easily sliding. Once a year, lubricate the door track with furniture polish or silicone spray. Keep the doors closed and locked to prevent wind damage.


Use all the washers supplied to protect against weather infiltration and to protect the steel from being scratched by screws. Regularly check your building for loose washers, screws, bolts, and nuts, and tighten them as necessary.


A continuous, unbroken plastic vapor barrier with a thickness of 6 mil. placed between the ground and the building's base will reduce condensation. Keep storage items away from walls to allow air to flow easily. And create air passages around and between storage items for better air movement. If necessary, use a chemical absorbent dehumidifier to reduce moisture within the building. Divert standing water away from the base of the building. Silicone caulking may be used to create watertight seals throughout the building.
Condensation Fact Sheet

Chemicals & combustibles:

For safety, do not store chemicals or combustibles, such as swimming-pool chemicals or lawn fertilizer, in your storage building. Corrosive material, which can damage the surface of anything it comes into contact with, must be stored in air-tight containers approved for a particular substance.